Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Face it Friday - Our Furry Friends

PK Everyday Character Faces Parts 
Was the first set I received as a gift from my daughter. 
I have maybe used it once before. Ahh shame on me
Material Used 
Cartridge - Animal Kingdom
Paper - scraps 
Background paper - Debbie Mumm -  Travel
I used Mementos Pear tart along the outer edge of the card 
Love how that part turned out 
Brown Permanent Staples marker for detailing
Pop-up dots
As for the inside
I could write - Ohhhh that is how you make me feel
Hey it could still happen!!!! 
or for a birthday - I hope you have a roaring great Birthday.
I love that PK face - It was perfect for this project 
Hope you all like it. 


  1. Great project ! I Love it !
    Thanks for commenting in my blog ;)
    Have a great Wednesday !
    ~Maria Elena~

  2. This is so cute! That lion is too cute to be ferocious, even if it's trying to be. Thanks for stopping by my blog!